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20 of the world's greatest wrestling talents
2 stages of knock out matches
1 Hotel Circus Circus

Only one winner

Las Vegas is set to witness one of the greatest sporting events in the history of wrestling. The best of wrestling talents from around the world will get together at Circus Circus to fight for one cherished title.

Flightschannel.com brings to you the Super Wrestle Off World Championship live from Circus Circus, Las Vegas.

Come experience the best of heavy weight wrestling on the 31st of March 2018 when 20 champions from 8 corners of the world will wrestle one another to prove to the world that they are better than each other. Join us as they compete for this coveted wrestling title.

Free Autographs Friday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm PST & Saturday 12noon to 3:00pm PST

3rd vs 4th Place starts at 4:45pm PST
Blue steel vs US Soldier

1st vs 2nd Place Starts at 7:30pm PST
Guards vs Convicts

Half-Times will be super energetic too

What can be more fun than a wrestling event powered by music so thrilling that it will keep you at the edge of your seat through the finals? Tom Menaldi , one of the world's greatest guitarists, will be performing some of his best songs at the event.

Get set to go into a wild frenzy as you hear the Ohio State Song in one of its most powerful guitar renditions. Ohio is going to rock to wrestle maniac tunes like never before.

Prepare yourself to croon to New England Super, Bowl Shuffle, Knock Out and Birthday. Now you can also get a free sample of these songs on IPPV.com or buy his complete collection on iTunes, Google or Amazon. Give in to powerful songs that will drive you wild.

Unlimited Fun for Every fan

No wrestling event is complete without its crazy fans, the crazier they are the better. We have made sure that our fans will have fun even if they are watching the event from their home.

Wrestling fans around the state should be prepared to get a gift at their door. Don't believe this? We have made sure that every single house watching the event on TV will get a free subscription of FightChannels for a year.

Not only this, we have also come up with exciting gifts and offers through the Play Wheel. We have made sure that our crazy fans do not go disappointed. We have gifts for every fan of wrestling. All we want you to do is sit back and relax and enjoy an evening power-packed with wrestling.

Do join us for a fun-filled evening with your family and friends. Get the best of wrestling, get the best of entertainment.

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