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Leather Wristwrap Heavy Bag Gloves Boxing Training Gloves
SKU: 128
  • Padding on Upper Wrist Area.
  • Padding on lower knuckle area to half way down finger area.
  • Padding located in glove where thumb is located.
  • Padding inside glove connected to palm of the hand!
  • Product has Strong stitching!
  • Wrist area contains a lasticle closure to give an extra gagged in feeling.
  • Articulated finger ridges for ease of movement.
  • This product is made with real leather!!!
  • Pro Quality!
  • UFC fighting gloves.

Bring together all the essentials for heavy bag and punch mitt work.

These high-grade leather gloves feature anatomical thumb padding, 18" hook-and-loop wrist strap, convenient grip bar and solid curved foam for maximum protection and mobility.

Just toss them in your gym bag and head out.

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