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175 LBS Cobra Hunting Crossbow W/ Solid Fiber Glass Limb Black
SKU: C9504

The Man Kung Cougar is a powerful compound crossbow crossbow for the experienced shooter. The Cougar compound crossbow has a whopping 175 lbs - pound draw weight and speeds possible up to 300 fps - 329 km per hour. Because this is a very powerful crossbow, this crossbow is especially suitable for shooting over long distance. The Cougar crossbow has a strong plastic stoc with a special recess ( thumb hole ) into the stock for your thumb for a good grip and a comfortable shooting position. The bow limbs are made of durable highly compressed glassfiber and the compound bow has an aluminum crossbow arrow rail and compound pulleys. The Cougar compound crossbow is also equipped with an automatic trigger safety and a dry fire protection. The Cougar crossbow is also equipped with a 19mm Weaver rail mount for crossbow scopes or red dot, this rail is tilted for easy and quick setting of the sights. 


  • Weight: 3.4 kg 
  • Power Stroke: 11.5 inches 
  • Length: 93 cm Width: 70 cm 
  • Strength: 175 lbs 
  • Speed: 312 km / h (285 feet / sec) 
  • Automatic Safety 
  • Anti Dry fire system 
  • Tilting scope rail 


  • Bow: Pressed Fiberglass 
  • Body: Aluminum 
  • Shaft: Plastic 
  • Wheels: Aluminum 

Package Includes:

  • Python Compound Crossbow 
  • Quiver & 4 Bolts 
  • Red Dot Sight 
  • Padded Sling Rope 
  • Cocking Device
  • 1 x Wax
  • 1 x Rail Lube
  • 1 xRed Dot Sight
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