FIGHT TO UNITE 6 October 21, 2023 6pm Est. Breast Cancer Awareness Event In memory of Dom & Joseph Menaldi

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The Ultimate Fight - Man vs Bear

the wrestling event of the ages

Dom Menaldi vs 801lbs Dakota the Bear. A real Kodak Grizzly Bear only on Dominic Menaldi, a 300 pound power lifter from Huntington Beach, California, will step into the ring against Dakota, a 801 lbs Kodak Grizzly Bear, for what promoters are calling the ultimate wrestling showdown. The bear weighs 801lbs. as of January 15th and grows a pound a day. Dakota, who possesses a full set of claws and fangs, faced our wrestler at 4:30 p.m. on May 1st at a site to be named later, like get Cowboy Football Stadium or Las Vegas Stadium.

Ken Norton - Cut

Learn the secrets of becoming a dominated linebacker

Learn the secrets of becoming a dominated linebacker from the Defensive MVP of Super Bowl XVII, Ken Norton, JR. of the Wolrd Champion Dallas Cowboys. Norton will show you the techniques which have made him a leader of the Cowboy's defense in this three-tape series. This insightful instructional video is hosted by ex-NFL player and World League star Eric Naposki at the Cowboys' state-of-the-art training center in Irving, Texas.

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