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Fight 2 Unite 7 Fight - Free

LIVE: Double-feature special

Get ready for the most thrilling event of the year!

Watch as the worlds greatest bodyguards wrestling team attempt to take on the convicts.


Prepare for an unprecedented spectacle at the legendary Alcatraz waters. Witness a groundbreaking battle where the elite bodyguards, led by Dominic Menaldi – hailed as the world's premier protector from Youngstown, Ohio – clash with hardened convicts in a match unlike any before. This contest isn't just a fight; it's a journey into uncharted territory, offering a front-row seat to the ultimate showdown.

The Ultimate Fight - Man vs Bear

the wrestling event of the ages

Dom Menaldi vs 801lbs Dakota the Bear. A real Kodak Grizzly Bear only on Dominic Menaldi, a 300 pound power lifter from Huntington Beach, California, will step into the ring against Dakota, a 801 lbs Kodak Grizzly Bear, for what promoters are calling the ultimate wrestling showdown. The bear weighs 801lbs. as of January 15th and grows a pound a day. Dakota, who possesses a full set of claws and fangs, faced our wrestler at 4:30 p.m. on May 1st at a site to be named later, like get Cowboy Football Stadium or Las Vegas Stadium.

Ken Norton - Cut

Learn the secrets of becoming a dominated linebacker

Learn the secrets of becoming a dominated linebacker from the Defensive MVP of Super Bowl XVII, Ken Norton, JR. of the Wolrd Champion Dallas Cowboys. Norton will show you the techniques which have made him a leader of the Cowboy's defense in this three-tape series. This insightful instructional video is hosted by ex-NFL player and World League star Eric Naposki at the Cowboys' state-of-the-art training center in Irving, Texas.

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